First dev blog post!

Hello Adventurers!

This is our first devblog, so we're going to introduce ourselves.
We are PlutonionStudio, a 3 guy team, featuring:
DokZau - He is the art guy. He is in charge of modelling, UIs, textures...
Tito - He is a programmer that also does a bit of art, and game design.
Anebur - And this is me. I'm the game designer, and the second programmer of the team.

We want to make this dev blog a simple what-we-made-till-now posts, with some talk about what we want to make, or what we are going to make.
Let's start with our first entry then.


Data persistence

Right now all the data is hardcoded in the code, and every time we need to change something,
we need to change the code and build.
Some variables can be changed in the inspector,
but even so, rebuilding is needed, and we want to serialize the data anyways, because we need
a simple way to save the game, and the moment we start the multiplayer phase, it will help us a lot when synchronizing everything.
So, the most viable option is a SQLite database. Small, fast, and flexible.
The first thing to do is convert aaaall the data to models, which are going to extract the data from the database. That will take a lot.

Burning effects

Tito has been working on the side effects of flammable things.
For example Coal: it has a durability wich decays when burning. There are other objecs, like wood, that need a "burnt" effect, a "blackish" wood texture.
To accomplish that, Tito needs to make a shader, with all the maps that the standard shader has, and a second texture with it's own alpha on top of the original texture,
that will change the alpha depending on how much time it has been exposed to fire.

Furnace model

DokZau has been working on a remodel for the furnace, it needs a dirtier look.
Also, if we need to add more tools to the process, maybe some sort of pegboard to hang tools will help, DokZau is on it.

Other things

We made a post on reddit asking for opinions about the current state of blacksmithing, and gathered some interesting ideas.
We talked about them, and decided which ones we are going to implement and how we will do it. I will talk about them fully on another post, but to make it short:
- We need more steps in blacksmithing, or some sort of "advance blacksmithing" where the player can make extra steps to improve the final result.

  • Some graphical aspects, like adjusting the bloom effect, reducing some particles...
  • Change some little things on how the actual blacksmithing process works right now.

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